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*a short blond female duck that looks no more than 15 walks up to you and waves*
Hey! I'm Skye Puckrey and this is my
*interrupted by another duck, female too. Looks a little like the first but slightly older and a brunette*
our site.
*she smirks back at the other duck then laughs a little* 
Right....thats what i mean, sorry Debbie, this is my friend Debbie Hardwing and we have this site together. Its kinda new so we hope u like it! have fun!  

~Skye & Debbie~


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Hope you like our Mighty Duck: The Animated Series (MD:TAS)  web site! Plez look around and have fun. (sign the guessbook too plez!!!) Finished the "What R The Ducks?!" page so you can take a look at that. I still need fan-fics and char! lol right now i have 2 char and 0 (yes 0 i kno its sad *tear tear*) fan-fics so send send send! I'm working on my first fan fic right now so ill put a big message up if & when i post any of it
Check out the "Other" page to see wats happening w/ the site! Also, any ideas for wat page should be re-named to would b helpful, i just dunno wat to call it! lol


Here's the "scoop" on our web site :-D....
About Updates:Sarah and I try to update this web site as much as we can. If i'm gone for some reason tho or have comp. trouble it wont b cuz sarahs comp freezes a lot so she cant work on shes w/ me at my house.
5/24/03: Tripod was being weird for a while and it wouldn't let me login, yes i had the right password, so i kind of ignored this 'til now. I redid the entire site making a new backround sidebar and everything. Gonna try and bug some ppl for fan char's or fan fic's, if anyone has a char profile they would like to give me i will luv you forever! :-D hehe
11/14/02: Real quicky update, just updated the stuff on the home page and that about all, didn't have much time...
O YEAH AND...The Ducks Marathon went!!! I am very lucky i'm one of the fans that got it taped!!
11/8&9/02: Ok, i have all the ducks profile pages up but i'm still finishing them. I checked the done ones over and worked on the other ones, so far i have Nosedive's completely finished w/ Mallory's, Wildwing's, Duke's, Tanya's, and Grin's close behind. Sry, Canard's isn't worked on at all, again sry if hes your fav. char and his will be done (or at least worked on) soon. Also i STILL NEED FAN-FIC AND FAN-FIC CHARS!!!  I am working on a fan-fic right now but i am re-doing the beginning so it might b a while until i'm happy enough w/ it to post the first chapter or so. I also updated the "Other" page...and e-mail if u have an idea for a new name for it...it still needs one...
11/5/02:Hey! wow, november 5th already?? i just remebered that thats less than a week away from the Ducks Marathon!! Who elses is watching it?? wen is it??! crap! *runs off to find a calender* thats next monday...i dont think i get that off, how am i gonna get them taped :( i guess i should b thankful tho, at least i have toon disney to tape them off of :-D I'll figure that out later but now maybe i should go on w/ wat i should b writing here...updates...
  I just finished the new layout for the homepage, YAY! i also have all the duck's profiles up and have about half filled out...i STILL NEED FAN FICS AND FAN FIC CHAR!!! plez send them in...i got the list of all the episodes up...hmm wat else? lemme see....if i think of ne thing else ill add it :-D
Contacts: If u need to contact us e-mail everything to divesgirl33@netscape.net and for the full list go to the "Us" page.
Legal Stuff:ok, since i dont own the mighty ducks, am not making any sort of profit off them, and all "show characters" and most everything that isn't fan stuff or about us belongs to disney. Ok, now that i said that, go enjoy our site!

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