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   Hiya!! My name, as you prolly figured out, is Krystalyn, and i'm one of the people that run this site! (u prolly kno that too) We just started this site so plez be patient w. us! thnx!
   Well enough blab, here's some stuff about me. Like most of you, i'm a major ducks fan. But i dont have other sites about other shows and stuff. Sarah and I have only this one. My fav. character is Dive but i like all the ducks. In real life i have a horse and i luv horses too. I also luv soccer and will do basically anything for my friends and I get mad when ppl r mean to or make fun of them! Ok, well if i think of anything else to put in i will, cya. 
Ps...I am such a blonde hehe this just screams ME! (no offence to real blondes who dont do stupid things)  

Hi, my name is Sarah. As you already know. LOL As you know I LOVE ducks lol. Krystalyn and me are planing on getting two pet ducks! I cant wait. Well any way I am a big soccer fan, i have been playing for 8 years. I also am on the y swim team. I have been on it for 5 years!! WOW lol Oh yea my fav. Mighty Duck character is NOSE DIVE!!! he reminds me of one of the boys at our school!!!! Well I got to go work on our great Web Site!! lol It will be the best!!

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sarah isn't doing the mighty duck thing as much anymore so send all her stuff to me, thanks
aol: AceLasVegas11 or DivesGirl33
yahoo messanger: AceLasVegas
e-mail: Skye_Puckrey@yahoo.com