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The show Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series has 26 aired episode though there are rumors of more un-aired episodes. I got the names of the all 26 ep's and for now they will just be in alphabetical order until i get the real order.

The Episodes 
Words such as The or A are put at the end of the title for alphabetizing reasons       

          Beaks To The Future

          Beaks vs. B-R-A-W-N

          Bringing Down Baby

          Buzz Blitzman-Mighty Duck

         Catch a Duck, To


          Dungeons and Ducks

          Final Faceoff, The

          First Face Off-Part 1, The

          First Face Off-Part 2, The

          Human Factor, The

          Iced Ducks Cometh, The

          Jurrasic Puck

          Mad Quacks Beyond Hockeydome


          Mondo Man

          Monster Rally

          Most Dangerous Duck Hunt, The

          Phil In The Blank

          Power Play

          Puck Fiction

          Return of Asteroth, The

          Return of Dr. Droid, The

          Take Me To Your Leader

          Traitor Among Us, A

          Zap Attack


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