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Here's the deal...to get a fan-fic characters page u gotta have fan-fic characters...basically what i'm saying is if u want this page u gotta work for it! send me ur fan-fic character profile and i'll put 'um up! I'm tryin to make this a good website, so plez help me :)

Hopefully i'll b able to make each person have their own page soon! For more info on my pittiful try's read that over there >    The links dont work yet but hopefully i'll soon b able to have them work!
**DONT let this stop u from sending me your fan-fic chars info! plez do!**


Fan-Fic Characters

Debbie Hardwing

Debbie Hardwing

Skye Puckrey

Ok! Emily told me that pages take up almost no room and not to worry so now i can put in a page for each character! now i'm working on making seperate pages! i'm so bad/new at this :( Thats ok tho cuz i'm getting better  see <  look at my link over there! It doesn't work but i got it there all by myself and it used to say it doesn't exist but i'm messing w/ it and now it only says u cant see it! I'm so proud over stupid things like this, lol! Will Keep Working!Thanks again Emily!
**GOSH! DO U HAVE TO B LIKE TANYA OR SUMTHING TO UNDERSTAND HTML?! or is it just me being stupid again?