Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series


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This page is for everything that doesn'y need/have its own page but i still want to show/tell. If there's something important here i'll put a not on the home page or just put it on the home page!

This sites really new and right now mostly all that still has to b done can only b done by me...however, u can help me by SENDING IN SOME FAN-FICS AND FAN-FIC CHARACTERS!!! SEND UR ARTWORK IN TOO!!! Plez send them in...i only have 2 fan-fic character, and only my in progress fan-fic for sarah and a couple pics of mine that i dont really want to post...their bad :-/  o well..plez send urs in!! thnx!

Ok...here i'm gonna tell ya wat i'm updating or will get to up dating as soon as i can~they r in the order of which i'm doing them so if u think i should do them in a different order or if theres something i dont have listed...tell me @ divesgirl33@netscape.net  so here's my lovely list....(and i prolly wont do them in order i've decided...lol)

My List of Things To Do

  1. Find all 26 Episodes and their order (if i get bored of this i might start on some of the other things on my list)
  2. Finish up my "What the Ducks Are"
  3. Give the show characters their own pages
  4. Start a petition to send to disney
  5. Work on my fan-fic

theres more so i will list them wen i cum across them :)