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Personalized Horse Pictures

Here are some pictures i did. Most of them are for players on :)


I did this pic for player Michelle. She finally got it (yay!) and liked it very much :-D


I just finished this pic for Chilly Chestnut + Engergiez. She got to pick how much she paid like i have it w/ all my pics. She liked it a lot :-D W/ my pics you get to pick the price, its w/e u think its worth :)



Cricket picked up this pic and now she wants another one! YAY!



I just finished this pic so i'm waiting for the person to msg me back and get it :)



I did this pic for Kali, who has a filly (misty) out of a mare i used to own :)


I did this pic for Kick Start Stables. They liked the pic a lot and they had me make one b/c they saw these examples...yay..this was actually worth making  :-D

I did this just real quick for one of my neopets...hehe i just was kinda bored...i can do neopets pics if u want me to do one i'm  _krystalyn_


I did the fading for this pic then i sent it to my friend so she could finish it and give it to the person who wanted it. My friend and I do that a lot b/c she doesn't have a program that can fade pics :) I think the finished photo was about $500 tho :)


I did this picture for a contest help by Pony Power. The judging hasn't taken place yet tho so i dont kno who won :)



This was the picture i did for the Arab Club Card contest for march 2003. I was tied for first place with another player but the club prezzi's never picked a winner :( i wasn't to happy about that but i wont say anything mean


I just finished this picture and msged the Arab Club prezzi to tell her i'm done :) so hopefully ill be in the contest soon :-D