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What Are The Ducks?!
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This is the story of how the ducks got to earth...Its kinda long so i thought i'd better give it its own page....I think this will help people understand a little better. Also see the ducks profiles on the "Show Characters" page. They will help a lot and have pictures :-D 

The ducks are well, ducks. But not like ducks that swim around in a lake, they are from another universe/dimension and they could b considered aliens but they arn't gross/scary looking...they're kewl! They're humanoid ducks. They're from another dimension and a planet called Puckworld. On Puckworld its very cold all the time and everyone loves hockey!
Now a couple hundred years ago (or more) another type of aliens, the Saurian Overloards, tried to take over Puckworld and make the ducks miserble. The ducks tried to fight back but the Saurians could cloak themselves so the ducks couldn' see them. This made the ducks powerless and they fell before the Saurians. One duck stopped them tho. He made a goalie mask that could see threw the cloaking devices and he threw them into dimension limbo which you supposedly can never escape. That duck was Drake DuCaine and he became a Puckworld Legend.
Over the years some ducks started to believe that it never happened and it is just a legend and a story. Then, A couple years ago, the last Saurian overloard, Dragonus, and his henchmen, Seige Wraith and The Chameleon, made a dimensional gateway gereator and escaped! They came back to take over Puckworld. They put all the ducks in torture camps and made it horrible just like before. One duck had not been captured tho, his name was Canard. He found the Mask of Drake DuCaine and picked ducks to help him defeate Dragonus. The ducks for his team were Himself, Mallory, Tanya, Duke, Grin, and Wildwing. 6 ducks, the same # for a hockey team. When he found Wildwing tho, he was with his little brother Nosedive. Canard and Wildwing were best friends and Canard wouldn't leave him but Wildwing wouldn't leave Nosedive so Canard ended up with a team of 6 Dragonus fighting ducks and one kid brother. The ducks went to Dragonus's main base and blew it up. Dragonus escpaed tho threw a dimensional gateway and the ducks followed him. While they were in the middle Dragonus let out a matter eating worm. If they didn't give it something else to devour it would eat the ship. Everything was bolted down tho so Canard opened the door and jumped out. Wildwing grabbed him and begged him not too but he said it was the only way. Canard gave Wildwing the Mask of Drake DuCaine and told him he was team captain now, then let go. The ducks were sad but continued to follow dragonus to the other end of the dimesional gateway where they ended up on earth. They then started to look for Dragonus and lived in the Anaheim hockey stadium, Called the Pond, starting to play hockey where the old team left off...     

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