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~Skye Puckrey~

Name: Skye Puckrey
Species: Duck
Feather Color: Peachy-Tan
Age: 15, January 27 
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 110 lbs
Hair: Dark Blonde w/ Strwberry Blonde Streaks down to her waist
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Build: Very light and small, doesn't seem to be but she is pretty strong
Identifying Marks: A deep red scar running all the way down her left arm
Family: Her parents were the well known puckworldean scientis, the Puckreys. Thought to have died trying to return to puckworld (the saurians blew up their ship). she also might have a sister but she doesn't know it.
Likes:  Nosedive(he was the first one she trusted when she first came to live w/ the ducks and she has a crush on him...we dont kno yet if he likes her-we'll find out in a fan-fic that will take a while, sry), Skating and Hockey, Horses, Adventure, Fun stuff, singing (is good but wont sing for anyone), shopping, anything blue-raspberry, sleeping in, music so loud it almost blows out the speakers in her car, cooking, sports  
Dis-Likes: Dragonus, Lucretia, Saurians, dresses, any clothes that are light pink, anything w/ ruffles or frills
X-tra Points For: Skye will do anything for her friends and ppl(ducks) she cares about even if its life threatening, very good at listening to ppl(ducks) problems, can keep a secret 
Personal Penalties: Very energetic, hyper, and cheerful almost all of the time (thought this keeps spirits up it also annoys some ppl), can handle to not know what someones talking about but cant handle not understanding something, easily distracted, acts really "blonde" sometimes and is one of the ppl (ducks) that, if ya catch her at the right moment, give blondes a bad name(lol), she's quite the clutz

This Char belongs to Krystalyn (aka: Skye)